Board types

Our boards offer the newest technology in terms of electric surfing, suitable for all levels with the possibility of adjusting the power according to the weight and level of the person.


The Manta board is very easy to use and suitable for all levels and ages. It is very light which makes it easy to handle. The fact that the board is big allows you to feel safe even if you have no previous water or glide sports experience. Its battery life is around 60 minutes. The board can reach up to 10 km/h, depending on the person’s weight and technique.

Carver x

The Carver X is a more sporty board offering 10 kW of power. It is equipped with a dual jet propulsion system allowing even riders over 100 kg to reach full planning in almost any conditions.

The battery assures 50 minutes of fun and a maximum speed of 35 km/h, depending on the weight and technique of the person. At such a speed an adrenaline rush is guaranteed.

Tips to choose your Jetsurf

Manta : You know how to swim but you have  little or no experience in board sports? Then the Manta board will be perfect for you. Light and stable it will allow you to have fun instantly.

Carver x : If you are a well-balanced sportsperson or you practice board sports for a while, the Carver X board is the one for you. It is more powerful and more responsive and will make you fly over the water.

The best outdoor activity

Equipped with an electric propulsion system, our Jetsurfs allow you to ride at high speed on all kinds of water surfaces.

It takes a few minutes to get familiar with the board, but once you find the right balance and positioning, you can accelerate and have fun.

The board is usually driven while standing, but you can also drive while sitting, on your knees or even lying down.

You decide how fast you want to navigate, a Bluetooth remote gives you full control over your speed.

Whether you are an experienced surfer or have never touched a surfboard in your life, you will love Jetsurfing. Great sensations are waiting for you!


If you are learning how to wave surf, our boards will not only provide you great fun but they can also help you to improve your surfing!

Jetsurfing involves movements and positions very similar to those involved while surfing a wave.

The difference is that you don’t have to be patient and wait for the waves but instead you surf a never-ending wave.

The electric motor replaces the slope of the wave for speed taking.

Take off

The take off on a Jetsurf is similar to the one on an ordinary surfboard, except that with the Jetsurf you are in a horizontal position and use the remote control to maintain speed and stability.

Position on the board

Shifting your body weight to the front foot will make you gain more speed. By moving your feet more to the back of the board and shifting your body weight to your back foot, you will loose speed but this allows you to make more narrow turns.

For experienced surfer or others water sport

If you have experience in board sports like windsurf, kitesurf, foil, longboard, snowboard or wakeboard, then your learning progress will be very fast.

For people with a good level, we provide foot straps to allow more radical turns.

If you practice kite or windsurfing and there is no wind or you are a surfer but the day is flat or too windy, come and try our e-boards! 


All our boards are 100% electric so there is no CO2 emission. They operate without gasoline thanks to the electric propulsion of the turbine. The use is silent and non-polluting.

Safety and security

The boards are designed to minimize all risk for injuries. The engine of the boards is hidden and totally harmless. An emergency stop system cuts off the power and stops the board the moment you fall off the board. Wetsuit, life jacket and helmet are provided.