WhiteShark Tini
Underwater Scooter
by Sublue

WhiteShark Tini is a modular underwater scooter that is breaking barriers like never before. Extremely powerful and durable, without breaking the bank. With WhiteShark Tini’s modular design, you can easily attach two scooters together to double the power and double the fun. On top of that, WhiteShark Tini is perfect for the whole family.



Tini power system: L 355 x W 135 x H135 mm. 

Sigle-boosting handle bracket: L 296 x W 144 x H36 mm. 

 Control handle: L 95 x W 57 x H 185 mm.

Control handle: Ø 35.9 mm. x H 123 mm.

WEIGHT ( With battery) 3 kg
DEPTH 20 m

High speed: 1.4 m/s 

Low speed: 1.1 m/s

BATTERY LIFE Power system: 45 mins
Controle handle: 150 mins
External loads Action camera mount
Floater mount
Double-engine support handle mount

Capture Stunning Underwater Shots

Don’t let a single moment go undocumented. WhiteShark Tini is compatible with both action cameras and smartphones using its action camera mount. Make sure to capture every dive for your family and friends to enjoy.

Powerfully Glide Through The Water

With Single Propeller Mode, you can achieve two speed controls – 1.1 m/s and 1.4 m/s.

And when you assemble multiple propellers together, you’ll get the following features:

– 2-in-1 mode can propel up to 2 m/s

– 3-in-1 mode can go as fast as 2.4 m/s

– 4-in-1 mode can reach up to 2.8 m/s.

Lasts up to 45 minutes of enjoyment with a single charge. Just pull the triggers and away you go!

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