Reserve Carver X 50 min for 1 person – Total price 89€


If you are a sportive person with good balance or if you practice board sports, the Carver X will be the right choice for you. It is a more powerful and responsive board than the Mertek and will make you fly over the water.

To book your board, we require a 20 % deposit of the total rental price. The payment of the remaining 80% is required upon arrival at the store, in cash only. Minimum age to drive the board is 18 years for the Carver X board. For the contract, an ID and a credit card are required.

The time period we specify includes all preparations and explanations as well as the time in the water. When renting a Carver X board, a little over 2 hours have to be scheduled. It is absolutely necessary to arrive punctually on the reservation date.

The time schedule can be subject to change due to weather conditions. Please always check your mails the day before.